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Unmeat’s tuna can’t be beat!!

Unmeat’s tuna is the best! I ordered it when my grocery store stopped carrying it, I use it SO much (salads, sandwiches - I want to try a tuna casserole next!!). LOVE it!!!

UNMEAT Meat Free Luncheon Meat-Style - 12 oz
Robert/Diane R. (Kearney, US)
Lucky choice

I bought this product for non-vegan friends and they were
surprisingly positive.

I love this scale. It has been so helpful.


My previously inflamed arteries & veins in my lower extremities love this. It taste great & feels good.
The Immune system loves it.
As Physician that is continuously confronted with the symptoms of CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY RESPONSES IN PATIENTS.
This is an ideal food to support the body as it resolves the resolution of chronic irritation from many origins.

So it’s not Spam, but I love it.

As a vegan, this unMeat product means I can create really tasty musubi, scrambles of the meat, JUST egg, and veggies, sandwiches, stir frys. But get this luncheon meat-style not the burger style, please.

Green Nori seaweed.

My order was recieved within weeks and packed safely. Glass bottle showing that it is fresh and sealed with care. I used it for the first time in vegan tuna. I will be ordering from them again.

BBQ Snacklins are a very light and delicious snack.

Finally! A healthy candy bar that I can eat that tastes exactly like a regular candy bar!

I could not be more excited about this candy bar. It tastes soo amazing and so ya hard to believe that it’s all healthy good for you ingredients. I’ve been staying away from sugars for health reasons and was so excited to be able to enjoy yummy candy bars again that are actually really good for you!

I love these

I am so glad you gave these-they are my favorites and I hope they keep making them

Snacklins Chips Barbeque Crisps - 3 oz
Janice H. (Inglewood, US)

I’m never buying potatoes chips again! Hahaha these Bbq Plants Crisps are simply amazing…I’m ordering again:)

Love Snacklins Barbecue Plant Crisps

Great snack!

Snacklins Nacho Plant Crisps - 3 oz
Becky L.S. (Rialto, US)

I like 👍 these they are good 👍 😋

Love the product


Harken's products are the absolute best. It's good to know us vegans can have the fun stuff and it still be tasty.

Great vegan tuna!

This is a best vegan tuna I've found. I think the plain is best. Fast shipping, thanks!

Katjes Plant Based Gummies Rainbow - 4.9 oz
crystal c. (Philadelphia, US)
Great Service

Product came very quickly, no issues. Thanks so much!!

Excellent quality and taste!

Great product

We love this vegan tuna--it is the best I have ever tried. We will continue to buy this because I can use it in so many recipes and it makes great tuna sandwiches.

Delicious ramen soup flavor for me

Absolutely love this product. Standing ovation.

Awesome chili. Great flavor even for a non-vegan.

Wow.. Consumer Alert!

I do not know what is in this cheese sauce and I agree with all the other reviews I've read online trying to post this so people know that it was indeed hard as a rock, unbreakable, and unusable upon opening the package. I thought maybe moisture had gotten into the cheese sauce packet so I put it in the microwave for approximately 15 seconds. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS IN THIS STUFF BUT DO NOT MICROWAVE IT AND I'M GLAD I DID BECAUSE I WILL NOT BE EATING IT. AFTER APPROXIMATELY 15 TO 20 SECONDS IN THE MICROWAVE IT'S SMOKED OUT MY ENTIRE KITCHEN AND LET OFF A CHOKING SMOKE THAT IS MORE THAN "NACHO" FLAVORING! I AM STILL COUGHING, MY CATS ARE STILL COUGHING, AND I FEEL LIKE WHATEVER WAS IN THE SMOKE HAS BURNED THE BACK OF MY THROAT. BOTH KITCHEN FANS IN THE BACK DOOR OPEN IT IS STILL SO BAD SMELLY IN HERE FROM THIS PACKET THAT AFTER SECONDS IN THE MICROWAVE TURN INTO SOMETHING ELSE. So glad this happened and I do not consume whatever these people put in their product!

Good for sandwiches


nice filler in between meals, delicious