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This is great!

This was my first time trying TVP and it’s amazing! I’ll never buy those meatless crumbles from the grocery store again now that I know I can just buy this stuff. 10/10 would recommend


Very pleased with my order! Shipped across usa Arizona to Wv and came very rapidly and in great shape. Thanks

Awesome snack that’s also healthy!

My family can’t get enough!


GREAT Taste , fast delivery , will purchase again . A+ experience

Worth it

I purchased this hibiscus tea because it was worth the value and cheaper than sold on Amazon. This container will last me awhile because it is huge when compared to previous purchases of dried hibiscus tea. I usually grind it up a bit and place inside of a tea steeper with hot water lemon and ginger.This tea has a very good/ deep color and strong flavor of hibiscus.

Just egg

I thought it had a very nice flavor and texture. I think it’s a good product.

Taste wasn't great...

I was excited to get this pasta to eat a healthier version of fettuccine Alfredo. And I like edamame, so I thought it was perfect. But when I cooked it I wasn't impressed with the taste. I have no idea how to describe it, I just didn't enjoy it, sorry!


I like this product. You know. I'd love to see a product with 'l-phenylalanine, L-carnitine, L-theonine, Taurine,...' and other products / nootropics like it --
if you were to find 'all' of these sorts of 'animal-based' (or sold as...) products and put them into a single powder; I'd be 'really' happy about that.
There could 'easily' be over a hundred found in 'animal products' (look at JRE's leading experts on the subject ... and 'Savages' intel...) -- for that to be in a 'single powder' that is 'smoothie-mixable' - it would be 'amazing'!! but, then again - so would it if it were in 'just veggie capsule form'.


Add nice taste to food

Love this Dressing!

This vegan Ranch dressing is delicious!

Vegan meat lovers

I enjoyed everything that came in the box. I will definitely order this again.


I am customer for life. Pun intended

Black Salt

Have not had an opportunity to use the product yet. It was delivered in the appropriate time

Great soup!

Super delicious and makes a hearty meal!


Taste like sausage, but spicy.

A good variety of items!

I was super excited to get this as I felt it was a great amount of food items for the price I paid. Some of these products I've tried before, and some I haven't. I tried the product, Neat, and I wasn't aware it was a powder. It was a bit hard to work with as a result, but it tasted just fine. I used the Just egg product in baking, and it works really well. My only disappointment was the Smart dogs, they were about to expire in a couple of days. So I immediately froze them for a longer shelf life. But other then that, this kit is great! Thank you!


Delicious I enjoyed these very much

Peruvian Lentils


Really lie

Tastes good and low in sugar

Love these plant based chips

These plant based chips are the Bomb
I will purchase them again

88 Acres Roasted Pumpkin Seed Butter - 14 oz.

Fabulous customer service

They made sure we received our order for Thanksgiving dinner thanks for helping us make this holiday a great one! We will be ordering Vegan Black Market again.