EcoTools Daily Defined Vegan Eye Brush & Storage Tray Kit


Reasons We Love It:

The Ecotools Daily Defined Eye Brush Kit includes 5 makeup eye brushes, 3 beauty style cards and 1 storage organizational tray. The EcoTools kit is made out of recycled aluminum and plastic, while the brush tips contain 20% cotton/80% bamboo fibers and the handle is made up of bamboo.

The Daily Defined Kit includes the following brushes:

1x Large Shadow: Apply your favorite shadow to the eyelid 
1x Angled Crease: Create definition in the crease of the eyelid
1x Accent Shadow: Add some extra splash of color to your look
1x Detail Liner: Add texture across lash line
1x Liner Smudge: Blend colors for an even and flawless look