"LawBreaker" Vegan Starter Kit - 17 Item Ct.

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This bundle is perfect for anyone curious or starting their Vegan journey. The bundle includes 17 items of common foods that are 100% Vegan friendly as well as some introductory Vegan staples such as tofu, nutritional yeast, jackfruit and lentils. These vegan starter meal items are a great starters guide in regards to eating animal free foods. The LawBreaker Vegan Starter Kit includes:



1 Beyond Meat Plant Based Ground Beef - 1 lb.
1 JUST Egg 100% Plant-Based - 12 oz.
1 Gardein Vegan Meat Alternatives Seven Grain Crispy Tenders - 9 oz
1 Pacific Foods Organic Oat Milk Substitute Beverage - 32 Fl Oz
1 Lightlife Vegan Smart Dogs Veggie Protein Links - 12 oz
1 Hodo Organic Vegan Moroccan Tofu Cubes - 8 oz.
1 Follow Your Heart High Omega Vegan Ranch Dressing - 12 fl oz.
1 Follow Your Heart Dairy Free Smoked Gouda Cheese Sliced - 7 oz
1 Daiya Deluxe Mac and Cheese Cheddar Style - 10.6 oz
1 Bob's Red Mill Nutritional Yeast - 5 oz.
1 Premium Black Turtle Beans 32 oz by Vegan Black Market
1 Fantastic World Foods Vegan Falafel Mix - 8 oz 
1 Sweet Earth Chipotle Style Seitan Slices- 8 oz.
1 Fillo's Beans and Sofrito Peruvian Lentils - 10 oz.
1 Neat Original Mix 5.5 oz.
1 Loma Linda Tuno Lemon Pepper Plant-Based Tuna - 5 oz.
1 The Jackfruit Company Coconut+ Vegetables + Thai Green Chile - 10 oz


Kit includes the mentioned items above. In the even that an inventory shortage does not allow us to include one of the exact items listed, a similar substitute will be sent. 

Customer Reviews

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Erica R. (Los Angeles, US)
A good variety of items!

I was super excited to get this as I felt it was a great amount of food items for the price I paid. Some of these products I've tried before, and some I haven't. I tried the product, Neat, and I wasn't aware it was a powder. It was a bit hard to work with as a result, but it tasted just fine. I used the Just egg product in baking, and it works really well. My only disappointment was the Smart dogs, they were about to expire in a couple of days. So I immediately froze them for a longer shelf life. But other then that, this kit is great! Thank you!