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Sep 11, 2022

Vegan Spam in a can or Witchery, can it be?

Trying out new vegan meat alternatives as a plant based individual can always be fun. It's even better when you get to experience the vegan version of popular products. Meet UnMeat, makers of the plant based luncheon meat that many refer to as Vegan Spam, Plant Based Spam, Vegetarian Spam, Veggie Spam etc... Although UnMeat has no association to the company SPAM, they do come pretty close to the same pork in a can concept but in a plant based version.

The UnMeat Luncheon Meat is an amazing addition to your existing list of alternative meats for a plant based diet. It comes in a can ready to cook up, it has the texture of meat and most importantly of all, it is 100% plant based. Not to mention for those nostalgic SPAM lovers, this vegan version will not disappoint! 

What Flavors Can I get UnMeat in?

The plant based luncheon meat comes in 2 flavors at this current time. You can get your fix in  Meat Free Luncheon Meat Style as well as Meat Free Luncheon Burger Style. Both styles of this plant based pork alternative are absolutely mouthwatering and GREAT! 
You can add the plant based meats to your bowl of other tasty plant based items and eat it like one would eat meat as a staple in a dish. Or, you can drop a couple of slices in between burger buns and have yourself a vegan burger style luncheon meat sandwich. They are really easy to prep and take up almost no time at all, they are the perfect quick vegan snack for when you are on the run and need to prep something quick. You can throw them in the air fryer until they get that golden crisp or do the same in a pan on the stove.

Vegan Black Market sells UnMeat Luncheon Meat in a can!

Here at Vegan Black Market we make sure that our customers have the latest and greatest products of the vegan world. Whatever you need we will find for ya and add it to our catalogue. After all, we are a "Black Market", we have everything in the underground that's hard to find locally and online, hahahah JK,jk,jk we are legit and trustworthy! 

With that being said, if you'd like to try out these tasty vegan meats in a can from UnMeat, then you'd best get your plant based butt over to Vegan Black Market and buy as many of these bad boys as you want at the following  links UnMeat Meat Free Luncheon Meat Style  and  Unmeat Luncheon Burger Style . 

Try them out and then leave a review on them, let us know how you cooked yours and how you ate it! Which one will be your favorite, will it be the Burger Style or the Luncheon Style?


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