VGood, A Peanut Butter Alternative Made From Chickpeas

VGood, A Peanut Butter Alternative Made From Chickpeas

Sep 20, 2022

Stop wondering “is peanut butter good for you?” because the answer really depends on your dietary restrictions. Some people are allergic to peanut butter while others are not. Some people want low fat, while others want high protein and other don’t care either way, they are just searching for quality taste. However, that does not mean that every peanut butter spread is created equal. There is such a thing as a healthy peanut butter and there also is such a thing as a peanut butter substitute, that is a healthy alternative to peanut butter for those with a nut allergy.

Introducing, VGood, a brand that makes it easy to make good food choices for yourself and for your family. Their number one goal and passion is to make healthy options easily accessible for everyone. Vegan Black Market proudly offers this nutritious peanut butter alternative to our USA customers, delivered right to your door.

VGood has made it their mission to provide plant based, allergen-free delicious spreads that are not only nutritious but also a lunchbox safe option. Created by aVgood vegan nutella healthy spreadbusy working mom, VGood brand founder, Sally Breden saw that lack of healthy, yet tasty allergen friendly options available on the market. This market shortcoming, empowered her to set out and create a peanut butter alternative that was delicious, healthy and affordable. Not only did Sally create a healthy replacement for peanut butter but she also created a healthy Nutella alternative. VGood HazelNOT spread is a thick and creamy healthy hazelnut spread alternative that is made of the highest quality cacao from Holland in combination with roasted chickpeas, that when blended together, create a finger-licking spread. Think of VGood HazelNOT as Nutella healthy style or Nutella vegan style, however you want to see it, because it’s a great choice no matter what your dietary lifestyle is like!

VGood’s tasty goodness doesn’t stop with a healthy chocolate spread, but continues with a healthy alternative to peanut butter. Vegan Black Market also offers two choices of nut-free replacement for peanut butter from VGood. In our catalog you can find both options ofVGood; PeaNOT Smooth and PeaNOT Crunchy. Both PeaNOT options are a nut free alternative to peanut butter that will have you fooled when it comes to the taste. As a fan of the chickpea taste as well as nutritional benefits, Sally immediately knew that the naturally occurring nutty flavor of roasted chickpeas would make an excellent base for a healthy and nut-free spread alternative.

Sally, quickly got to work to make this product come to life. She sought the help of a Research and Development facility to better understand the process of creating a sustainable and quality product that would become a pantry staple forPeanut butter good for you household across the world. After various small batch creations, and enlisting the taste buds of family, friends and neighbors to taste test her creations, the perfect blend and balance of sweet, yet salty, peanut tasting spread was brought to life. VGood PeaNOT Chickpea Butter is an award-winning nut free, vegan certified peanut butter like spread. “PeaNOT Butter has been recognized on a global platform as a final contender in the 2021 World Food Innovation Awards and more recently by the Australian Brand Awards as the Most Innovative New Brand for 2021.”

VGood’s line of Chickpea butter spreads go beyond just recreating the classic PB&J. Vegan Black Market carries HazelNOT, PeaNOT Smooth and PeaNOT Crunchy which can be used in various ways to easily introduce a healthy peanut substitute into recipes. PeaNOT can be used as a substitute for peanut butter in baking when creating cookies or brownies as well as a great substitute for dressings, sauces and curries. HazelNOT makes a great addition to morning oats and smoothies, as well as chocolate desserts such as pies, pops and bliss balls.

Vgood PeaNOT peanut butter substituteVgood best healthy peanut butter alternative

Find dozens of tasty nut free recipes that can be recreated with VGood Chickpea butter spreads on the VGood official site and try all three nut free chickpea butter spreads available at Vegan Black Market.

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