Vegan Ramen, An Easy Vegan Meal In Under 8 Minutes

Vegan Ramen, An Easy Vegan Meal In Under 8 Minutes

Oct 03, 2022

Easy vegan meals are our specialty here at Vegan Black Market! This mouth-watering vegan ramen recipe makes eating plant-based even more rewarding. Vegan dinner recipes don't have to be complicated and take 45 minutes to an hour when you are already exhausted after working a full day. You should still be able to treat yourself to a delicious meal after a long day without having to put in the work. 

The best part about this easy vegan dinner is that it only requires three main ingredients. You can stock up on these basic ingredients and keep them in your pantry and fridge for when the vegan ramen noodles cravings strikes. The necessary ingredients for this simple vegan recipe are:

vegan ramen vegan dinner recipes

1. Ocean's Halo Ramen Bowl

2. Unmeat Luncheon Style, a vegan spam alternative 

3. Just Egg

(All these ingredients can be purchased from Vegan Black Market by clicking on each one)

When looking up vegan meal ideas or vegan ideas for lunch, you come across these incredible looking recipes that get your taste buds salivating and your cravings kicking into over drive, but the one thing all those culinary creations have is that they are not simple vegan recipes. While they look delicious and it's something that are definitely worth cooking up one day, numerous ingredients and an hour or so of cooking, is not practical for most of us on a regular day. 

This easy meal is the perfect vegan recipe for beginners, when you are short on time, or simply in a mood when you're really just over it today but still need to eat. All this quick bite requires is about 8 minutes of your time and it will rewards you with an euphoric taste that no doubt have this becoming your favorite go to meal. 

Now let's get started with how to put together this easy plant based recipes.

Step 1: Open your pantry and fridge and get your three main ingredients ready.

Step 2: Open up the can on unMeat Luncheon Style meat (aka vegan spam) and slice it up.

Step 3: Now take about 3 slices and cut out the middles of them. Just little rectangles so that you can fill the centers up with the Just Egg. 

Step 4. Spray some oil on a frying pan, turn it to medium-high heat and add the vegan spam.

vegan ramen quick vegan meal

Step 5. Now gently, I repeat GENTLY, pour the Just Egg liquid into the center of the cut out vegan luncheon meat. Now just let it fry and flip it when you think it's ready. Keep flipping until you achieve your ideal brownness of the vegan spam meat. The Just Egg will cook fairly fast as its a small area, don't worry about it if when you flip it the vegan egg gets a little runny and messy. Messy food, is the best tasting food.

Step 6. While the unMeat and Just Egg are cooking to their desired texture, open up the Ocean's Halo Ramen Bowl and cook it up in the microwave per the instructions on the box. This takes 3 minutes. 

Step 7. Now the ramen bowl, UnMeat and Just Egg should be finished. Just pour the ramen into a bigger bowl, top it with UnMeat/Just Egg combo and garnish with your favorites, we use parsley. But you can also add seaweed flakes, sriracha, or other vegetables. 

We live for quick vegan meals, because days run long, and the last thing we want after a long day is to spend another hour cooking and then twenty minutes cleaning up after the tornado. Our easy plant based recipes are tasty, satisfying and don't add another burden to your busy day. 

Stock up on the three essentials so that you can always count on this meal when you don't want to spend time cooking but you also don't want to eat out. And remember simple cheap vegan meals can taste just as good as the one that take thirty minutes or more to make. The time put into the meal doesn't determine its flavor.

ENJOY vegan friends!

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  • I just found out about the vegan “spam” in a vegnews email/blog article. I lived in Hawaii for 20+ years and grew to LOVE spam in just about any dish, including ramen. So after a little googling I ended up here. I can’t wait to try it.

    The local grocery stores hardly carry any vegan meat substitutes, and I doubt I’ll ever see this product at any of the ones near me. Thanks for finding this stuff and selling it.

    Chris Desatoff

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