High Protein Vegan Packable Lunches - Quick Under 10 Minutes

High Protein Vegan Packable Lunches - Quick Under 10 Minutes

Oct 20, 2022

For many of us having access to nearby vegan food can be a challenge. More often than not, nearby food spots that are close to our offices tend to have a very poor selection of vegan food, if one at all. Bringing our own vegan packed lunch to work with us makes lunch breaks more enjoyable. Vegan packable lunches are ideal over eating out for the following reasons:

1. Cheaper than eating out

2. Give us a variety of easy plant based lunches to alternate throughout the week

3. Healthier and more protein packed 

By opting to bring your lunch to work with you, you can save money and eat healthier as well as enjoy a mix of vegan lunches throughout the week. However, our days can be so long and the thought of having to meal prep lunches for the work week can sound exhausting which is why we can resort to a eating out or just snacking throughout the day. We set out and created three easy vegan lunches for work that will take you less than ten minutes to cook and pack. Not only will you feel like you just treated yourself to a tasty meal at a nearby restaurant but you'll create a vegan protein lunch that will keep you full throughout the work day.

If you work from home or you work at an office, these easy vegan lunch ideas for work are exactly what your taste buds are craving. These simple meals are quick vegan lunch ideas for work from home lunch breaks or for a quick meal prep before heading to the office. Alright let's get started with our list of easy vegan packed lunches so you can see how easy this is. Also, feel free to watch the Youtube video below on how to create these meals or if you'd prefer to watch instead of read, just scroll past it to continue reading. 

1. Garbanzo Al Pastor Street Tacos

Garbanzo Al Pastor Vegan Street Tacos Vegan Packed Lunch For Work

These little vegan tacos are not only delicious and quick to make, but also surprisingly healthy for a quick meal. The Garbanzo Al Pastor pouch mix consists of only whole food ingredients as well as no preservatives, unlike most heat and eat food. Additionally, the Walden Farms Street Taco Lime Crema sauce is also guilt free. The sauce has no artificial flavors or dyes, as well as being gluten free, sugar free, fat free, calorie free and 0 carbs. This meal takes about 6 minutes to make from start to finish and it's a much healthier option than eating out. 


1x - Bag of Coleslaw from grocery store 

1x - Casa Verde Garbanzo Al Pastor at Vegan Black Market 

1x - Walden Farms Street Taco Sauce Lime Crema at Vegan Black Market Walden Farms Street Taco Sauce Lime Crema

1x - Street Taco Tortillas from grocery store, or for bigger tacos you can use thincredibles from Vegan Black Market Walden Farms Street Taco Sauce Lime Crema


1. Take the Casa Verde Garbanzo Al Pastor pouch and tear it open about 2" inches so it can vent and microwave it on high for 1 minute.

2. Heat up a skillet on Medium/High and add your tortillas to it so you can heat them up. Turn them over after about 1 minute and heat it up for about 40 sec on the second side. Once they are heated up, remove them from the skillet and place on a plate. 

3. Open up that bag of coleslaw and pour a generous amount into a bowl.

4. Coat the coleslaw with the Walden Farms street taco sauce lime crema and give it a good mix. (Not only is this sauce vegan, but its also fat free, sugar free, gluten free, calorie free and has 0 carbs, so add as much as you want.)

-- Now that the tortillas and garbanzo beans are done heating up, and the coleslaw is done, it's time to assemble the tacos. 

5. Take a tortilla, add a bit of coleslaw with lime crema sauce, scoop some Garbanzo Al Pastor on top, and top it off with either the Lime Crema Sauce that we used in the coleslaw or you can top it off with Only Plant Based! Sour Cream  which you can find at Vegan Black Market . Add a bit of the Lime Crema to the remaining coleslaw and mix it up again as that is going to be your side for the vegan tacos lunch. There you have it super quick, extra tasty and points for being on the healthier side. 

2. Taco Ranch Garbanzo Toast

easy vegan packed lunches Taco Ranch Garbanzo Toast

This second meal is a packed vegan protein lunch that will keep you full throughout the day and your taste buds satisfied with flavor. This Taco Ranch Garbanzo Toast takes just a few short minutes to whip up, it honestly takes the fries that we are going to pair this with longer to cook than the vegan chickpea toast mixture. This easy vegan lunch has protein from the Garbanzo beans, three grain bread and a bit from the steak fries. 


1x - Bag of Coleslaw from grocery store 

1x - Red Onion from grocery store, half cup diced

1x - Parsley or Cilantro from grocery store 

1x - Tomato from grocery store 

1x Steak Fries from grocery store

1x - Jacks Quality Garbanzo Beans from Vegan Black Market 

1x- Walden Farms Street Taco Sauce Taco Ranch from Vegan Black Market Walden Farms Street Taco Sauce Lime Crema

1x - Bragg Liquid Aminos from Vegan Black Market Walden Farms Street Taco Sauce Lime Crema

1x - Colgin Liquid Smoke Mesquite from Vegan Black Market Walden Farms Street Taco Sauce Lime Crema


1. We are going to start by putting some of the steak fries in the air fryer so they can cook while we get working on the toast. So pour as many as your craving in the air fryer and start it up based on your air fryer settings for fries.

2. While the fries are cooking, lets go ahead and half a cup of red onion chopped up. We suggest chopping it up very fine so that it doesn't fall of the toast at the end. 

3. Take that tomato and cut out two round slices, set the aside we're going to come back for them. Don't skip out on the tomato, it really helps bring in all the flavors together and make this meal so savory.

4. Now go ahead and get a decent size bowl and empty out one container of garbanzo beans. Just the beans, none of the aquafaba liquid. Then take a fork and start mashing up the chickpeas. Mash until you get at least 85% of the beans mashed up. 

 Take the Taco Ranch Sauce and pour it all over the chickpeas. This sauce is also guilt free so don't be afraid to coat the chickpeas well. 

6. Mix in the chopped up red onion, fresh parsley/cilantro and a few drops of the liquid aminos and give everything a good mix.

----It doesn't get much easier than that ladies and gentlemen. Easy and Delicious!

7. Now let's revisit those tomato slices from earlier. Heat up a frying pan on medium/high heat and add the two slices on there. Add a few drops of liquid smoke on each one and heat them up for just a minute or two until the juices start to flow. I like to flip them and get both sides. (I find that heating up tomatoes like this really helps bring out their juicy flavor and it makes sandwiches and wraps so much more enjoyable.)

Take one or two slices depending on how much you want of the three grain bread and toast it up slightly to get it warm and semi crunchy, that is going to be the base of this lunch. Once its toasted, add a layer of coleslaw straight from the bag, put a layer of the taco ranch chickpea mixture and top it off with the tomatoes.  

Yes, it's kind of a messy meal but you know what they say.... messy food is the best food so don't let that discourage you from giving this meal a try.  Now while we were getting the chickpea mixture ready the fries should have finished up by now. We like to pair our fries for this meal with the Brooklyn Delhi Curry Ketchup from Vegan Black Market, its unique and aromatic taste really makes you feel like you're dining out at a café and you didn't just whip this deliciousness in your kitchen. There you have it.... an easy, quick and protein packed vegan lunch in just under 10 minutes! 

3. Vegan Chili Fries

Now these chili fries are one of our favorite quick vegan meals to make. They are so easy and so incredibly finger-licking good we make them way to often. No matter how many times we eat them, we still get blown away each time we make them at how good they taste and how fast of a meal it was to make. For this reason we always make sure to have a few cans of the Gardein Chili beans stocked in our pantry because it makes a great meal to resort to when were short on time.



1x - Steak Fries from grocery store 

1x - half cup of Red Onion from grocery store , diced

1x - Parsley or Cilantro from grocery store 

1x - Tomato from grocery store, diced

2x - Green Onions from grocery store 

1x - Gardein Plant-Based Chili With Beans from Vegan Black Market

1x- Only Plant Based! Sour Cream from Vegan Black Market Walden Farms Street Taco Sauce Lime Crema


1. Just as the last meal, we are going to start by putting some of the steak fries in the air fryer to cook while we get the rest of the ingredients ready.

2. Get a medium sauce pan out and add the Gardein Chili mix to it. Turn it to medium/high and let the chili mix heat up while stirring occasionally. This should take about 3 minutes or so.

3. In the meantime let's go ahead and chop up those veggies. Dice up and chop your tomato, parsley/cilantro, green onion and red onion.

----That is literally all the prep work now we just need to put everything in a bowl!! SO QUICK, and SO DELICIOUS!

4. Grab a big bowl, and put your fries at the bottom. Add your Gardein chili mix on top of the fries, then sprinkle around your chopped veggies. I am telling you , it does not get any easier than this! 

5. This is the most important step, if you skip this step, you won't do this meal justice. Make sure you top it off with the Only Plant Based! Sour Cream, otherwise it won't be as great as it could be.

These easy vegan packed lunches take less than 10 minutes from start to finish and they are tasty as well as filling. They will get you through the rest of your work day and can easily be prepared on your break or the night before. 

Make sure to checkout VeganBlackMarket.com to get all of your vegan ingredients and more!  

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