10 Minute Vegan Tikka Masala A Quick and Simple Dinner

10 Minute Vegan Tikka Masala A Quick and Simple Dinner

Nov 14, 2022

After a long day of work often time we find ourselves getting take out. Having to go home and work to cook dinner is the last thing any of us want after being mentally and physically drained from an exhausting day. But, what if we told you that we managed to make an authentic and delicious vegan tikka masala that took less time and effort than calling in and driving to the Indian restaurant to get take out? If you're asking yourself if that is even possible, we're here to tell you YES, with capital letters! 

This is coming from some tough critics as Indian food, especially Tikka Masala was one of our favorite meals before we transitioned to a vegan lifestyle. We've tried just about every single vegan tikka masala simmer sauce on the market as well as trying to make our own and truthfully it was just another let down every time. However, all of that changed a few months ago when we discover the Brooklyn Delhi Tikka Masala simmer sauce. This vegan tikka masala sauce comes in a jar taking the "work" out of making dinner. This delicious sauce has no artificial additives making the decision to cook this quick vegan tikka masala quilt free. 

This delicious recipe comes together in 10 minutes making it an easy choice for a week night dinner and can pass for restaurant take out! Watch the YouTube video below on read the step-by-step under the video. We made it using tofu and chickpeas, but you can use any veggies and proteins that you choose. 



Vegan Tikka Masala Recipe Ingredients:

1x - Mori-nu Morinaga Silken Tofu Extra Firm at Vegan Black Market 

1x - Brooklyn Delhi Tikka Masala Indian Simmer Sauce at Vegan Black Market Walden Farms Street Taco Sauce Lime Crema


1. We're going to start by putting some rice in the rice cooker so we can pair it with the tofu tikka masala for a filling meal. In the rice cooker, we are going to season it with some salt, cumin, a black cardamom and saffron.
2. As for the vegan tikka masala we are going to start by opening up a pack of Mori-Nu extra firm tofu and cutting it up in cubes.
3. Now we are going to heat up a pan on medium-high and spray some oil. Once the pan is heated, we are going to add the tofu and and one cup of chickpeas to the pan and let it cook for 3 minutes while stirring occasionally. 
4. Next, we are going to open up the jar of Brooklyn Delhi Tikka Masala sauce and pour the entire jar into the pan. We are going to stir and make sure that we get all the tofu and chickpeas coated in the sauce. We're going to let that simmer for another 2 minutes.
 - Now this is optional but if you want a richer and creamier sauce, go ahead and add a half cup of coconut milk, as well as a pinch of red chili powder for an extra kick of spice.
Let it simmer for another 1 minutes so all the flavors absorb.
AND..... we are done! Grab a plate and add some rice and as much vegan tikka masala as you crave and enjoy this magnificent meal!  

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