unMEAT Launches New Meat Free Alternative Options

unMEAT Launches New Meat Free Alternative Options

Jun 30, 2023

Move over UnMEAT Luncheon meat, CPG UnMEAT has launched some new plant-based meat favorites to indulge in. The new UnMEAT products include:

UnMEAT Meat-Free Roast Beef Style

UnMEAT Meat-Free Chicken Style Chunks and

UnMEAT Meat-Free Chili Wtih Beans

(All Available at VeganBlackMarket.com)

These UnMEAT canned meat-free options make traveling as a vegan so much more convenient. Perfect for a camping trip, or a day at the beach, and just as a pantry stapled to grab for a quick meat, these products a vegan must-have! Enjoy these meat-free alternatives such as chili and beans, or chicken style chunks for a variety or different recipes. UnMEAT Roast beef style is the perfect meatless companion to mashed potatoes or a sandwich. UnMEAT's new products are a delicious, protein packed, healthy alternative to meat. Each bite contains protein, fiber, and a is 100% plant-based. 

CPG UnMEAT is a leader in creating meat free alternatives to the growing community of vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians. UnMEAT products are always 100% plant-based and NON GMO.  Their large line of meat alternatives options is always growing and Vegan Black Market, is proud to offer their products to our community.  UnMEAT is a leader in innovative meat alternative options that mimic the texture and taste of loved meat staples. They bring these products in vegan form to the market, such as their Vegan luncheon meat aka vegan spam. You can read more about their vegan spam options by clicking here

Recently they filled in the meat alternative gap by creating and offering shelf stable canned chicken style chunks and roast beef style strips. These meat alternative options were not available to the vegan market up until now.  Their price point and shelf stable feature, really makes these a desirable and convenient product to keep around at all times. Take them on-the-go, or use an a main recipe ingredient, you can never go wrong with stocking up on unMEAT products from Vegan Black Market.

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